You Belong To The Minutes

by The Ugly Club

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The Ugly Club – “You Belong To The Minutes”


1. David Foster Wallace
2. Wasted On You
3. Under the Great Wave
4. Loosen Up
5. Unraveling You
6. Let's Sleep Around
7. Some Life
8. Last Evenings (Floating)
9. The Mountain
10. How Many Summers Do We Have Left?
11. You Belong To The Minutes


released July 13, 2012

"The Union County-based band has excelled at crafting psych-pop melodies with a punchy funk beat." - Paste Magazine

"The Ugly Club may want to change their name, because their future's pretty good-looking." - MTV Buzzworthy

"If you're not a believer of the phrase 'hard work pays off,' then maybe you should take a look at The Ugly Club." -CMJ

"Floating somewhere between indie-rock, pop melodies and psychedelic piano lines,
you'll find New Jersey's The Ugly Club." - FILTER Magazine

The record is:

Ryan Egan – Vocals, guitar, percussion.
Joseph Stasio – Guitar, vocals, percussion, engineering, mixing.
Taylor Mandel – Keyboards, rhodes, piano, trumpet, melodica, percussion.
Rick Sue-Poi – Bass.
Ryan Mcnulty – Drums, percussion.
Sara Salermo – Back up vocals tracks 3, 4, 8, and 9

Recorded at Rough Magic Studios, the Stasio household, & Soundwaves Studios.
Engineered by Alby Cohen & Joseph Stasio.
Assistant Engineer: Chris Pummill
Pre-Mix edit by Thomas Stratton.
Mixed by Joe Stasio.
Produced by Joseph Stasio & The Ugly Club.
Mastered by Paul Gold of Salt Mastering.
Front artwork by Joe Tirado, Ryan Fredericks, and photo by Seiichi Daimo.
Back artwork by Joe Tirado; Photo by Philip Tabuas.
All songs written & arranged by The Ugly Club.

*Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)



all rights reserved


The Ugly Club New York

The Ugly Club is a psychedelic, dance rock band in Brooklyn. Contrived of Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Ryan McNulty, and Rick Sue-Poi, the band brings a diverse musicality to the world of modern indie rock and pop. Reminiscent of bands like Radiohead and My Morning Jacket, the sound is eclectic and progressive. ... more

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Track Name: David Foster Wallace
David Foster Wallace
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Where we goin’?
Are we guessin’?
We find ourselves
Right here again
On a holiday.

You’re heavy swimmin'
With a shark bite sinkin’ in
The television might
Haunt my sleep tonight
if I let it.

You’re eatin’ roses
Digesting beauty just because.
Paid like a peasant
Lost in love
I got no money.

Ahh where we goin’?
Cos I’ve been wishin’
That chemically
We’d fall asleep
And never wake
For the open curtain dream.

There ain’t no show
like the one I know
get caught just listenin’
When I wake up
I find it hard to walk away.

Temptation is glowin’
Darlin we let it go
Oh oh oh
Too far to rewrite the wrong
Put it down, little honey
Get down.

You think it’s push and shove
Round here
I think you try too much.
You gotta get your fix
Where your ambition is
Will only bring you down.

We used to think (think)
We had it all controlled.
Up to our necks (necks)
We’re being sold.
We used to think (think)
Without a broken signal
Lagging in the mud.

What we go through
Is no surprise
I only fear where
We’re headin’.
No mystery
No smoke screen
Our demise
Is the high
we’ll be gettin'.

Track Name: Wasted On You
Wasted On You
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

I could say that you’re right
I could say that I love you wrong.
You can step out of light
Cos no matter how far you’ve gone
I’d offer you my lonely call
To come on home.

I’m a year older than the man I left behind.
Gettin' sick of the days
That keep me up all night.
But it’s something
And that’s more than I could say
A year ago.

Everything that begins as mystery
Ends in doubt.
Yeah this place it hurts me too
But we can work it out.
But if not, then we’ll go
To the hills, to the shore
I don’t mind.

Yeah I’d offer you my lonely call
To come along.

Wasted on you
Because you are the only thing I could do.
All things combined
I'm up from the ground
Skyscrapin' my mind.
Wasted on you
I can’t shake it off
Or maybe I don’t want to.
Oh baby you were right
Oh baby you were right
Our love it won’t let us down.
Track Name: Under the Great Wave
Under the Great Wave
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

I've been in and out the house of luck
It's a cold machine where the lights are dull
And the beds stay harder than stone.

All my wishes, all my discontent
Just swimming with the sediment in the current
It's harder to row.

Then you came when the morning closed in
Through revolving doors, when they start to spin
You around, all around.

Oh let's leave this place
and start again.

Under the great wave
I'm singing to you
I won't pass judgment on you.
Shaped of the sweet clay
A drink to my mouth
No honey
I won't be letting you down.

In a moment how the world can lift
Up its curtain and expose a gift.
Were you watching to see when it’d come?

I keep you close in my mind darling
Cause you just can’t know
Where the road of roads
Will be winding and picking its slopes.

So let’s leave this place
And start again.

Track Name: Loosen Up
Loosen Up
Lyrics by R. Egan; Song by J. Stasio/R. Egan

Loosen up
No one's expecting you
No need to rush on up the line.

Fall back in
No time for suffering
Count every passing string of light.

Don't believe
What everybody sees
You got no business serving them.

Hold the rope
By the front of your teeth
It's gotta give eventually.

Spending time
Inevitable light
Will welcome you.
No matter what you will go through.
It welcomes you.
Oh trouble you could cut it loose.

Loosen up
Find a friend
Till every drink that's in the place
Is at its end.

You belong
To no one
And when you finally realize
You're whole again.

Spending time
Inevitable light
Will welcome you.
No matter what you will go through.
It welcomes you.
Oh trouble you could cut it loose.

You're workin' the beat
After all
And nothing comes easy.
You will spend your life
Burning for it.
You were born
and you'll die all worn out.
I'm sure.

Track Name: Unraveling You
Unraveling You
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Come home late
You’ve been making up stories
About where you been.
Listen, I’m not crazy.
But who gets off thinking
They can wander round
Without a care for me.
I know what you want
And who you got it from.

It’s because
I haven’t made a decent living yet
I made you turn to that.

It’s from keeping myself locked up
Oh there’s no excuse
Worth seeking now.

Your body is the proof
That no one should do
What you do.

No matter how I look
You seem unreal to me.
Unraveling you.

The play is on.
The night is meltin’
Under your tongue.

Oh how long
Were you planning to run?
Track Name: Let's Sleep Around
Let's Sleep Around
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Some see me wandering
In and out of subtle dreams
Cos I'm lost when I'm not with you
Let's sleep around.

I feel like a drum beat
No liquor stains on my teeth
But I say things I never would do
Let's sleep around.


I come over but you got me running
Oh it takes a bit of getting used to
I'm gonna get to just what I need to do
Let's sleep around.

I believe I've been warned now
Don't ever trust someone to have it figured out
Ooh no other ooh had me good as you
Let's sleep around.


Well I twist my heart off the vein
Little honey
I think it's something to do
With the strange temptation
I get just thinking of you.

Because I never knew
that you were shifting
and changing out of your skin.
And I guess it's time to move on
but it never begins.
I don't remember how it was before..
So I'll forget my love just like you
Did with yours
Oh oh oh!
Track Name: Some Life
Some Life
Song by J. Stasio; Lyrics by: R. Egan

Just one more night
and then I become older.
When I climb
Over that wall.

Falling upwards
It's indescribable lately
Land of honey,
I can't...

Endure another
Act of your white lies.
Why am I always echo
and you with no reply?
---The irreversible high
Let me down
and cut me from the vine.
---How to kill the light?
I'll go blind.

Now it's out
and in the open
you'll find me
Don't deny me
Peace of mind.

Just one balloon and we could set it off
But filled with water and concrete
It can't carry me
So I can't...

Endure another
Act of your white lies
Why am I always echo
and you with no reply?
---The irreversible high
Let me down
and cut me from the vine.
---How to kill the light?
I'll go blind.
Track Name: Last Evenings (Floating)
Last Evenings (Floating)
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Early night moon wander
Flooded road
Watched the avenue unwind
I nearly lost the time.

Made a call, got answers
But not from you
Baby we are in end times
I hope it's televised.

You went off, found shelter
Made your mind, now you gotta stay.

Everyone goes under
While I know you're miles away.

Floating to you
I think I'll cut my anchor loose
But I'll need a burning light
To make it alive.

Where could I go
To leave the past
in undertow?
Would you write me
and please guide me
to your door?

That first time
When we just talked all night
Interrupted by some sunlight
No I didn't mind.

But this ain't some fiction
Story left open wide
You make me shiver,
I'll probably fry
At the end of it all…

Floating to you
I think I'll cut my anchor loose
But I'll need a burning light
To make it alive.

Where could I go
To leave the past
in undertow?
Would you write me
and please guide me
To your door?
Track Name: The Mountain
The Mountain
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

Waking up so cold and distant
I forgot where I was
Though you warmed me through the night.
Soon enough when leaning on the porch
The early morning
Glad we left it all behind.

I got news to share with you
Oh my home is a body in the wind.
Uh huh huh
I stretch my arms to protect you.

Vacancy can be so perfect when it’s what you hoped for.
Fire burned on through the day.
Walking through the courtyard festival
Where the tents are lined up.
It’s a wonder why we’ll turn away.

I got news to share with you
Oh my home is a body in the wind.
Uh huh huh
I stretch my arms to protect you.

When the news came through the wire
In the night.
We drove down to the town.
And though we tried to keep it quiet
We couldn’t hide it from day light.

And though the news to leave brought sadness
Yeah the leaves had turned again.
Nobody knew how long they’d had us
Nobody here to call a friend.

Track Name: How Many Summers Do We Have Left?
How Many Summers Do We Have Left?
Song/Lyrics by R. Egan

You'd better send me away
Cos I'd never quit and it's just too late
Some conversation melts in the rain
I hope to see you again.

Look how slow time seems to heal
Either it's me or you don't even
Feel it.
I guess I'll wait 'til we float towards the ceiling.
I hope to see you in my death.

I am a beast
You made so sure
How long I've adored you
Oh you're thicker than the bones
That have built you
Into space and there's nowhere else.

When you sleep
Do you dream reality?
I wanna know.
Because your life
Is just so far from it.
Bed of nails
Couldn't keep me awake
Once I'm gone.
I'll go but there's nowhere else.
Track Name: You Belong To The Minutes
You Belong To The Minutes
Song/Lyrics by: R. Egan

You're sorta stuck where you’re standing are ya?
You added up and couldn’t let it go.
You counted money, told your friends you're running.
Uh huh.

It's such a mystery trying to be a man
You gotta leave but where oh I don't know.
Oh and suddenly a rain is falling
Uh huh

Some words can start to dig a tunnel
Kept under them they hardly ever know.
But if you ever really needed something
Well I could help you on.

Ah, Here she left it like a painting
No words could say just what you’re thinking
Don’t know just how you feel
But I’m here.