Visions of Tall Girl EP

by The Ugly Club

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This is the second release from The Ugly Club. It is available for purchase at Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital outlets.


released June 10, 2011

Visions of Tall Girl EP

1. Visions Part I
2. Parks
3. Visions Part II
4. Hope We Survive

Recorded at Soundwaves Studio in Union, NJ.
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by Joe Stasio
Produced by Joe Stasio & The Ugly Club
Mastered by Brian Lucey except for Track 4 mastered by Thomas Stratton.
All music written and arranged by Ryan Egan & The Ugly Club.
Additional vocals on "Parks" by Del-hi.

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)



all rights reserved


The Ugly Club New York

The Ugly Club is a psychedelic, dance rock band in Brooklyn. Contrived of Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Ryan McNulty, and Rick Sue-Poi, the band brings a diverse musicality to the world of modern indie rock and pop. Reminiscent of bands like Radiohead and My Morning Jacket, the sound is eclectic and progressive. ... more

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Track Name: Visions Part I
When you’re travelin
Don’t you lay your head
Alone under the trees
Your body is a seed.

Find me where the mouths
Are feeding
Can’t get stuck upon the peak
The sky’s too close to me.

Behind your back
You see the canvas
Turning apple, gray, and peach
A spiral wind of leaves.

The girl is sighing
Cause the bats are out
And fluttering their wings
And swimming up the beach.

Are you fast asleep tonight?
You can’t meet the morning too
Where you stay is up to you.
Do you wonder why you’re here?
Is your happiness your pain?
Cause your luck can surely change.

When you’re leaving
Heading back to where you came from
Don’t you see?
Your eyes are glistening.

From all you’ve seen
And all you heard.
You’ll live perpetually.

Written by Ryan Egan.
Track Name: Parks
Out in the park
I feel hardly like I should
I'm back in the car.
I'm so outta tune
I can't remember why
or where I am, I got lost.
My head is beating
There's always something waiting
to trouble me like that.
So let's get up
and just get back on the course, oh yeah.

The sun goes right up
Don't need chasing
Ain't no tellin
It just does what it does.
And when it's gone it shows the dead
and who's living.
Maybe we're dreaming
(Maybe we're dreaming)
But I know, no you're not alone.
We've were together since we were so young.
It's right on, right on, right on!

I got a friend in the state I'm in
Nobody else could be as free as this
It's gettin late we should get home
Let's kick a beat and hit the bowl

The night is calm like a sleeping bomb
No need to break it, don't want light to replace it.
We should go down to walk the river
(Oh I know)
Grab that guitar from Matty's van.
Ah yeah!

Written by Ryan Egan.
Track Name: Visions Part II
When I crossed the line
The other side was just like in my mind
And now we're here
Oh we're the strangers now.
And I'm sure
They don't like us hangin around
Yeah if it's just like I remember
lotsa people got the temper
round here.
Let's go down the road
Where the dead river goes
We can not swim it out.
And I swear I heard
This is where the tall girl sleeps
And if it's just like in my vision
It's a place I've seen before.
And there's no rest
unless we find her here.

You were lost
and ever tall
and did you collect the stars?

You're not alone
Not anymore
It's probable that we're meant here.

The day I came here to take you
Oh you burst into air.

I was at the drum
I heard the harp raining over
Pouring life with no order.

The sun was settled
I forget where we went
but no matter
All concerns be shattered.

Written by Ryan Egan.
Track Name: Hope We Survive
Every day I'm working hard
It's like I'm calm because I asked for it.
Every night I'm back to sleep
Lock me up from the bitter week.
Hope we survive
I love you all.

All in all I trust this place
and maybe I'm scared
but who ain't.
It's bad for my heart
It's bad for my head
It's bad in my legs
I'm staying in bed
It's bad for my lungs
It's on the tip of my tongue
and I'm getting tired
baby at it alone.

Written by Ryan Egan.